Requiem // 102

7. November 2010

One aspect of the web I haven’t really touched upon very often so far is the great possibilities for collaboration it offers. I am looking forward to becoming part of one such collaboration this month.

Requiem // 102 is a project started by Nick Rombes, an associate professor at the University of Detroit Mercy, that celebrates the tenth anniversary of Darron Aronofsky’s seminal film Requiem for a Dream in a unique way. Rombes has already popularized analyzing films through random frame stills in certain circles. Now he is taking the concept on the road and assigning one frame for each of the 102 minutes of the film to 102 people on the web, who are publishing their analyses of the film one day at a time. There were/are still frames to be had so I wrote to Nick and now I will publish my take on Requiem for a Dream based on a frame by the end of the month.

I have somehow managed to not see Requiem for a Dream yet, and I haven’t read much about it either, so I will try to add a fresh perspective to the project.

This form of collaborative film studies will hopefully yield a fascinating mosaic of interpretative angles and be fun at the same time. Check it out on its Tumblr-Blog and Twitter feed.

Thanks to Dan North for posting about the project


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  1. […] feel humbled to be able to take part in Requiem // 102, which I wrote about in detail earlier. See all the fascinating contributions on the project’s official site. Here is […]

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