Quotes of Quotes (VI)

8. Dezember 2012

„I feel like, on a more macro scale, there’s started to be a relationship between filmmakers and people who watch their films – you know, on Twitter and on the Internet. That relationship’s based on honesty, so the minute I knew that I was definitely not in the game, I made sure that I made that clear. Because I don’t want people to think I’m out there pulling strings on this thing. I don’t have a PR rep. I live in Vermont. It’s just me on my computer, seeing these things catch fire.“
– Colin Trevorrow on his alleged involvement with Star Wars

I have always been interested in fame. When I was in my late teens, I had the chance to talk at length with an actor who was now working in theatre but used to star on a daily German soap opera, about the experience of being recognized on the street and being sent love letters by teenage girls. In my vast egotism, however, what I find most interesting about the new artist-fan relationship brought about by the internet is not even the way the artists/celebrities feel about it (although that is still fascinating as well, listen to this episode of the /filmcast to hear three average Joes talk about their small internet fame). What’s exactly as strange is the way, this new communication paradigm sometimes makes me (and, I guess, others) feel like I know people I most definitely don’t. And then I try to chat to them on Twitter as if we’re mates. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s weird.


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