Don’t you see where this J.J. Abrams thing is going?

26. Januar 2013


2009. J. J. Abrams directs Star Trek, a Reboot of the original „Star Trek“-Franchise.


2011. J. J. Abrams directs Super 8, produced by Steven Spielberg’s company Amblin, which allows Abrams, as he points out in Interviews to „share DNA“ of earlier Amblin movies like E. T. – The Extra Terrestial.


2013. (January) J. J. Abrams is officially confirmed as the director of Star Wars: Episode VII.


2013. (May) The Abrams-directed Star Trek Into Darkness features a post-credit sequence, in which James Kirk returns to his quarters to find E.T. sitting at his desk. He is pointing a glowing finger at the Captain and says: „Mr. Kirk, you’ve just become part of a bigger universe.“


2015. Star Trek: Episode VII features a longish subplot about a kid on Tattooine making friends with a gnarly outcast from the galactic senate, who has moved into Ben Kenobi’s old cabin.



Based on an idea by Carsten / images: Paramount Pictures (3), Lucasfilm (1), Disney (1)

Eine Antwort to “Don’t you see where this J.J. Abrams thing is going?”

  1. bullion Says:

    Hehe, herrlich! :D

    Habe sehr gelacht…

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